A Gathering


These people do not exist. This is a gathering of digiatally simulated faces, empty facades waiting to be filled with fragmented memories and experiences and create their own community. 

This project demands the participation of the public, and explores the ways perceptions towards individuals are formed. The participants are asked to choose as many portraits as they want, and come up with a small story (no more than a couple of sentences) about the lifes of the faces depicted. It can be about anything that made up their lifes (memories, likes/dislikes, aspirations, origins etc) Hence, those empty shells transform into a community of characters shaped and defined by the expectations the public imposes on them and in a greater scope become a mirror the society that shaped the participants.

After its realisation, this project will be presented in the form of a sculpture & sound installation.

To participate, click on one of the images bellow, and you will be redirected to the person’s specific form: